What does LiveRing offer?

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Can you make money in F2F sales?


With commissions, you decide how much you make. We have a saying: there’s a cap on how many hours you can work but there’s no limit to how many sales you can make. We don’t have a minimum or maximum limit – we pay for ALL accepted sales.

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Our salespersons tell

As a salesperson YOU are the most important person in LiveRing. Read about our salespeople’s authentic experiences in face-to-face fundraising and sales, the light entrepreneurship model and their team. 

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LiveRing coaching

Our unique LiveRing coaching gives you the opportunity to succeed in sales without experience. Our training is not just an introduction to the team at the start – it’s continuous coaching that helps you develop your skills and make more sales. You can ask your personal coach, the team leader, advice on sales, lifestyle and anything else that affects your sales!

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LiveRing coaching: Succeed in sales without experience!
Why work in F2F sales?

Why switch to LiveRing?

Sales pro – is the grass greener on this side of the fence?
We believe that our salespeople know best – this is why we involve them in everything starting from when they want to work to improving our practices and processes. At LiveRing, you will be trusted and you will get to take responsibility.

We offer you the opportunity to be your own boss and work in a competitive team. Our commission model gives you an opportunity to earn thousands of euros per month, while of course working with the best team!

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LiveRing coaching: Succeed in sales without experience!
Is F2F fundraising worth it? Hear it from our team!

Travel and work

With us, you can travel all around Finland to do sales. Sales can be done anywhere, that’s why you can choose to travel everyday if that’s your jam!

You can choose to travel all the time or occasionally; and all around Finland or more locally. We are flexible and support you with the travelling expenses. This is a unique opportunity to see more of Finland while not spending, but earning more money.

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Choose your own shifts

We are flexible and you can have a big impact on your work as well as your working hours. You can choose 3-6 shifts per week and work your own hours in the morning, day and/or evening shifts. You can also work on the weekends. Our part time sales job is a great opportunity for students.

And of course we’re flexible both ways: we don’t limit your shifts to 6 or 8 hours – you can sell until you reach your goal if that’s what you want!

Because of your freedom to choose your own shifts, this is a great opportunity for both full-time and for students.

Light entrepreneurship

We here at LiveRing believe in the entrepreneurial mindset. All of our salespeople work as light entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs. Light entrepreneurship is a new and flexible way to bring together the independence of entrepreneurship and the pros of working for another company.

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