About Us

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At LiveRing we share a vision that sales gives you the best tools to thrive in life.

Home for Salespeople-
face-to-face sales services nationwide

By continuously learning and working together on our skills- we hope to offer the best home for both future salespeople and experts in the field. According to our ideology, entrepreneurship and sales walk hand in hand- getting started with us is easy and worthwhile.

We are doing sales around Finland and expanding to new places- the goal is to excel and expand our sales and to offer possibilities to more people still. Our teams are diverse and you can work in both English and Finnish.

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LiveRing Events

Christmas party 2022

This year, we celebrated the Christmas party for the first time at LiveRing’s office. In addition to the traditional Christmas meal, the program also included a playful competition and the awarding of the newcomer of the year.

Tyhy evening, autumn 2022

To cheer our entrepreneurs during autumn darkness, we have come up with a new end-of-summer tradition of taking everyone out for pizza and craft beers.