LiveRing coaching: Succeed in sales without experience!

LiveRing coaching #LiveRingcoaching

Sales is a skill that can be learned. This is why we believe in continuously coaching and training our salespeople. When hiring, we look for potential – we can teach the skill. You can really be successful in sales without experience!

No one is  born a master and that’s why we train all our salespeople to deliver results. A good salesperson knows how to pitch so that they catch the customers attention and gain their trust. They know how to read the customer: What excites them and what worries them? Even small things such as which words you choose and which materials you show to the customer impact the outcome.

Sales skills and routine are developed by repetition. Even though theoretical knowledge comes in hand in the field, being able to utilize those skills in practice is most important. This is why sales experience is so valuable in building sales skills!

LiveRing coaching includes sales and product training in theory and in practice. You already have the knowledge you need when you go to your first shift onsite but you get to learn the sales techniques in practice.

Our coaching is not just an introductory course when you first start. Our coaching is continuous. We are convinced that LiveRing coaching gives appropriate guidance for new salespeople and helps pros rise to the next level.

Excellent training and coaching is a win-win situation for us and for you: when you make more sales, you make more money.

Sales skills are highly appreciated

Employers in almost every field value sales experience, since all business is based on revenue and sales. Future Learn lists sales and marketing skills as the 4th most sought after skills employers will look for in the future.

When you really think about it, you can find sales tasks everywhere: at work, when you are convincing your colleagues to choose your idea, when you are applying for a new job and when you have to convince your friend group to pick your favourite dinner place.

In addition to sales and negotiation skills, working in F2F sales builds goal- and result-orientation. Employers appreciate confidence and communication skills, which are a must to succeed. These skills are definitely boosted in F2F sales since the salespeople come in contact with hundreds of people every day!

Our experienced Team Leaders help you fulfill your potential

“As a Team Leader, I consider each salesperson as an individual. Everyone has their own things, which gives them motivation. It also depends on the individual, what kind of leadership works for each one. My job is to spar with salespeople and help them find their own source of motivation and passion for sales, if these happen to be lost. When individuals succeed well, so does the team.”

Teemu, Team Leader, Helen-team

In LiveRing, the Team Leaders are experienced professionals in face-to-face sales who have sold multiple products with multiple different concepts in their careers. They work side by side with you on the stand, make sales and coach their teams. The Team Leaders are always there for you  and you can ask their advice on anything sales or work related.

Team Leader, Helen

Teemu Bakker, the leader of our Helen-team, has worked in sales management for nearly four years. His background is in professional sports and he draws attitude and skills from it. As a leader, Teemu strives to be close with his teammates and lead each of them as individuals.

Team Leader, fundraising

Syed Yasir, the leader of our fundraising team, wound up in sales with without experience after rethinking his career choice and realizing: what he needs most from work is a fun and dynamic environment. As a Team Leader he hasn’t had a boring day! Syed’s style of coaching is mentorship and he strives to be very open with his team.

We value willingness to learn in our salespeople and we as a company also want to evolve and grow ourselves. We believe that our sellers know the best. We hold a meeting with everybody once a month and listen to new ideas from the salespeople and make plans and projects based on them. When you rock we rock! 

Learn from the team

We believe in a good teamspirit and working together as a team for our collective success. One of our main values is friendship. Fellowship and friendship are something that keeps us moving and growing. On a practical level our LiveRing coaching is driven by this value and teamwork.

In our teams, there’s many different personalities and sales styles. You get to work with many different types of people and pick and choose their best tips to include in your sales pitch to help boost your results. 

Our team communicates and supports each other every day when they meet face to face and through Whatsapp, so you can always find somebody to hype you up and celebrate a deal with you.

Marko: from beginner to TOP6 without experience!

“At first I felt like I was starting from zero. However, I have got valuable advice from the team along the way, and in sales I believe in learning by doing. Working at the stand has been mostly really nice, and all depends on your own attitude.”

Marko, Helen-team

Marko is an excellent example of how LiveRing coaching is able to release the potential of new promising salespeople! He is working in the Helen team and was able to smash the magical sales limit of 10 sales per day in just 1 month!

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Who can succeed in sales?

People might often think that in order to succeed in F2F sales you have to be a super loud extrovert that won’t be left speechless in any scenario. At LiveRing, we believe that there are as many ways to be a good salesperson as there are salespeople. You don’t have to fit in some kind of box to be a great salesperson, you just have to be yourself and find the ways to sell that work the best for you. One thing we have noticed though, is that what always brings good salespeople together, is their genuine interest in the customers. 

We have quiet people, loud people, spontaneous people and above all cheerful people in our team and they are all working together.

Teemu, Team Leader, Helen-team

We believe that motivation to learn, LiveRing coaching and our supportive team can make anybody a good salesperson. If you have the desire to learn and work for your personal improvement, even if sales seems like a reach to you, don’t be afraid to apply!