Light entrepreneurship in Finland

What is light entrepreneurship?

Light entrepreneurship is a new way to enjoy the freedom and independence of entrepreneurship without all the responsibilities that come with your own business. Here at LiveRing, you can get valuable experience about entrepreneurship and have all the support that we as a company and a team can provide for you. 

When you are working as a salesperson and a light entrepreneur, you will work independently with our sales team and then invoice LiveRing through a billing service. You don’t have to start your own firm or have a business ID when you are working as a light entrepreneur. The billing service will take care of the bureaucracy so you won’t have to worry about that. 

Who can be a light entrepreneur?

Salespeople are not the only ones that use the light entrepreneurship model, and freelancing work is getting more popular in Finland. Bloggers, coaches and all different types of freelancers use the light entrepreneurship model and services. It is a great option, since you get to be your own boss and still have the safety and support from us and the light entrepreneurs’ billing service.

You are your own boss, but not alone

When you are working as a light entrepreneur for LiveRing, we of course offer you a lot too. For example, we will pay your travelling expenses, when you are travelling more far away, and take care of the sales locations for you. Your light entrepreneurship web-service takes care of the paperwork, so you can really focus on the most important thing: getting those sales made.

We provide

  • Stands and other branded materials
  • Sales locations
  • Compensations for using your car and gas on tours
  • Compensation for ticket costs when you use public transportation on tours
  • Accommodations when you stay overnight on tour

How are we supporting you?

Like we stated before, you are not alone. Your support system includes your team, Team Leader, LiveRing as a whole and our partner Truster.

All of our team members are working as light entrepreneurs, so you will always have someone to talk to about these things. Your Team Leader is also very familiar with the concept and the team spirit is based on bringing independent people together to have fun and work as a team.

LiveRing offers you coaching and in detail instructions for invoicing and starting as a light entrepreneur. We will go through everything with you before you start, and you can always ask us anything, no matter how long you have worked with us.

We are partnering with Truster, a web service for light entrepreneurs, and we recommend that you use that platform. We will of course help you with the invoicing, but you can always contact Truster too. They are happy to help you with any technical issues and their website also provides a lot of information for you to read. 

What will you actually do as a light entrepreneur?

Working as a light entrepreneur is not hard and complicated. To make this even more clear , we compiled 5 easy steps that you will follow as a freelancer.

  1. Sign an assignment contract with LiveRing
  2. Do your sales shifts and report your results after every shift
  3. We will send you invoicing instructions twice a month
  4. Invoice LiveRing using the billing service of your choice
  5. LiveRing pays for your services twice a month. Enjoy your money, you have earned it!

Not hard at all!

Team members thoughts about light entrepreneurship

Do you want to hear actual experiences about light entrepreneurship? We have asked our wonderful salespeople to tell a bit more about their experiences and to share their thoughts about working as a salesperson and a freelancer. This is what they had to say:

Light entrepreneurship is definitely a nice and easy way to get to know entrepreneurship. It gives you a good low-threshold experience of it.

Jussi, Helen-team

Working at LiveRing does not only develop your sales skill, it also gives you an opportunity to be an entrepreneur, giving you full liberty and complete control over your income.

Syed, fundraising