Travel and work in Finland

Looking for a job where you can travel and work at the same time? With LiveRing, it’s possible!

You can make sales in any place, where there are people. Therefore we encourage our salespeople to expand their sales areas and reach new customers by setting off to road trips in Finland. What could be better than exploring the country with a teammate, stopping to sell to places you like and making money at the same time?

Plan your own trips

With us, salespeople may choose how they want to work & travel and with whom. Whether you wanted to travel full-time, visit a few places a week to sell in neighboring places, go to Lapland for a week, or do Finnish tours from time to time, anything is possible! 

In LiveRing, you can choose. It’s possible for you to plan your route and schedule with the team leader OR we can plan it for you. You can also combine business and leisure for example by combining your work tour trip with a trip to a summer cottage.

Check out for example touropia’s 10 Best Places to Visit in Finland or VisitFinland’s 10 Best Things to Do in Finland.

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