Highest commissions in F2F fundraising!

How does working in F2F fundraising or F2F sales pay? Read the article to find out how commissions work and how you can earn.

In sales, you choose how much money you make.

We use a commission model, which means that we pay for the sales that are made instead of by the hour. This means that as a salesperson, you have a big impact on how much money you make. Our commissions are really competitive on both electricity sales and on F2F fundraising: way over average and one of the highest in Finland.

We have a saying: there’s a cap on how many hours you can work but there’s no limit to how many sales you can make. In sales, your income is not strictly tied to how many hours per week you spend on the job. Your performance is key.

“…(working in sales) also gives you an opportunity to be an entrepreneur, giving you full liberty and complete control over your income. As I always say, there is a cap on how many hours one can work, though there is no cap on how many sales one can do! Working at LiveRing makes you switch from Makkara to steak or from hatchback to luxurious SUV!”

Syed, fundraising

Since your earnings are not strictly tied to your working hours, this is a perfect opportunity to make money as a student or a part-time salesperson, although in full time work you can really make bank!

Commission without limits

At LiveRing, we pay for all accepted sales that you will make, starting with your first sales shifts. You don’t have to hit a monthly target to get your commissions, we believe that every sale is worth money. There is also no limit on how much you can make per month, so you can really earn exactly what you deserve.

Numbers of success

Don’t believe us? Look at the facts!

Check out our numbers from 2020:

  • Average invoice of a full-time salesperson 1600-3000€
  • Monthly invoicing of top 7 salespeople is over 6000€/month
  • Record day result from a salesperson is 31 sales in a day

Goals and commissions go hand-in-hand

When you work for commissions, you decide how high you set your goals.

We recommend that salespeople set goals for themselves that truly motivate them and then break them up into sales goals. Your goal could be for example buying your own car, investing or PS5. In F2F fundraising, you also know the donations you scored go to a good cause. You know what motivates you the best! Check out Inc.’s article How to Set Goals That Are Motivating (Instead of Frustrating) to learn more about goal setting.

When you have your end goal, your sales goals become more concrete and motivating. The difference between reaching your goal or falling short can be so small: 1 more sale a day, 7 hour shifts instead of 6 or 1 more shift per week.

“As an athlete, you get just as much as you are willing to work yourself. I wanted the same thing about my career: if you get your job done better than others, it is fair to get a bigger reward for it. In sales this is possible.”

Teemu, Team Leader, Helen-team

We help you reach your goal

Sales are made with experience and few are born a master. A good salesperson knows how to pitch so that they catch the customers attention and gain their trust. They know how to read the customer: What excites them and what worries them? Even small things such as which words you choose and which materials you show to the customer impact the outcome.

Sales skills and routine are developed by repetition. Even though theoretical knowledge comes in hand in the field, being able to utilize those skills in practice is most important.

“At first I felt like I was starting from zero. However, I have got valuable advice from the team along the way, and in sales I believe in learning by doing.”

Marko, salesperson, Helen

LiveRing offers comprehensive training and coaching throughout your collaboration with us. Read more about LiveRing coaching.

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