Why work in F2F sales?

Face-to-face sales are often associated with prejudices: To be successful you have to be a salesperson at birth! Can one supposedly learn something from F2F sales? Will it benefit in any way in the future? Is it some kind of a scam?

We have compiled a couple of reasons why working a sales job is beneficial. Keep reading to find out why work in F2F sales!

F2F Sales provides you with valuable working life skills

When you really think about it, you can find sales tasks everywhere: at work, when you are convincing your colleagues to choose your idea, when you are applying for a new job and when you have to convince your friend group to pick your favourite dinner place.

In F2F sales you will learn several skills that employers from every field look for, since the ability to sell something is almost always at the core of every company. Future Learn ranks sales and marketing skills at number 4 for skills employers of the future will be looking for.

F2F sales experience doesn’t only provide you with sales and negotiation skills: you also learn to be goal-directed, punctual and result driven, which is something all employers will without a doubt appreciate. Communication skills will also play an even more valuable role in the future. At the stand, you will learn to be self confident and articulate, so doing face to face fundraising is really worth it!

“Sales is a skill which can be acquired. It does not only take your financial stress away, as a matter of fact it develops your personality, helps you understand and tackle daily challenges and sharpens your logical thinking too.”

Syed, fundraising

“I feel that F2F is a great way to start building a career with sales. If you can sell at the stand, you can sell anywhere. … I recommend F2F sales especially to ambitious and entrepreneurial guys who see themselves in sales in some way.”

Dominic, Helen team

“Talking to people and engaging with them is the best part of F2F fundraising and a main reason why I work in sales. I also set myself goals and always try to be better than yesterday. Evolving continuously keeps me motivated and gives energy.”

Gandi, Sales Manager, fundraising

Who is a good salesperson?

People might often think that in order to succeed and work in F2F sales you have to be a super loud extrovert that won’t be left speechless in any scenario. At LiveRing, we believe that there are as many ways to be a good salesperson as there are salespeople. You don’t have to fit in some kind of box to be a great salesperson, you just have to be yourself and find the ways to sell that work the best for you. One thing we have noticed though, is that one thing that always describes good salespeople, is that they have a genuine interest in the customers.

We have quiet people, loud people, spontaneous people and above all cheerful people in our team and they are all working together.

Teemu, Team Leader, Helen-team

We believe that LiveRing coaching, motivation for personal development and the support of the whole team can make almost anyone a great salesperson. The fact is you already have the keys to success: The most important thing is your attitude and genuine interest in sales and in learning!

Even if you have some doubts about whether or not you would be a shining sales star, don’t be afraid to apply: we will let you try out if the work is for you before you make the decision to stay! Our recruitment process includes a practical try out period where you work in F2F sales for a few days to see first-hand if it’s your thing – with commissions of course.

I Want to Work in F2F Sales!

LiveRing looks for new salespeople year-round! Read more about our opportunities for English-speakers or go ahead and check out our open positions!