10 Reasons to Switch to LiveRing

Is F2F fundraising the right job for you but something’s just not sitting right with you with your current employer? Maybe you’re interested in moving into the field of F2F fundraising?

A good salesperson will always have work – even choices to choose from. There are also as many preferences as there are salespeople. What would be better than finding a workplace that suits yours?

Our wish is that the people who wind up working with LiveRing enjoy it, stand behind the brands they represent and agree with our way of making sales. To help you find out if we are a match, we have compiled a list of 10 reasons to switch to LiveRing!

1. Fair compensation model

Our commission model can be a game changer even for the experienced salespeople. We have no minimum or maximum limits on the commissions, so you can aim for as many sales as you could possibly get. We will pay for every one of them.

2. Best commissions in F2F fundraising

We offer you very high commissions, and good salespeople can earn thousands of euros per month. Read more about our payment model and take a look at our numbers!

3. First class brands: Helen and Save the Children

“I am originally from Indonesia and helping rainforests is especially important for me. It also makes the job meaningful that I can help forward the matters that are close to me by my daily work.”

Gandi, Sales Manager, fundraising

“I would describe my way of selling as quite simple. I am always honest and explain to customers by facts how she or he would benefit from the contract that I am selling. It is nice to sell Helen’s electricity, because I can always stand behind the product and there will be no unpleasant surprises for the customer.”

Sara, Helen team

Save the Childten is a well-known and reliable organization that helps children in need globally and in Finland. Helen’s electricity contracts are very affordable and popular products that our salespeople love selling. 

Brands and products that you can get behind are the first step to success!

4. LiveRing coaching

LiveRing coaching offers new insight to sales even to an experienced sales professional. We draw what we teach from f.ex. competitive sports. With us you can grow as a salesperson and develop to make even better results.

Our team consists of new sales stars and more experienced salespeople, so you can always find someone to sell, share thoughts and to compete with. 

The Team Leaders are always working with all of our salespeople, no matter how experienced they already are. You can and will get new ideas, new tricks for the sales and new boost for your results. With the support of the wonderful LiveRing coaching, you can really step to the next level with us.

 5. Choose your own shifts

In our team you won’t miss your own birthday party. Instead, you can choose when you want to work.

You get to design your own timetable: choose 3-6 shifts per week for the days and times you prefer. We don’t limit you to 6 or 8 hours – you can sell until you reach your goal if that’s what you want!

We are really flexible and especially if you are a more experienced salesperson, that is something we will definitely offer you.

6. Work indoors in the best locations

We have 15 years of experience in finding and picking the best sales locations and we make good use of that!

We work indoors and outdoors depending on the season. At LiveRing you won’t have to freeze outside in Narikkatori in the winter – you’ll have it made in supermarkets, shopping malls and such. In the warmer months we also work outdoors – we want to be where the people are.

7. Plan your own trips

With LiveRing, you can choose to travel on the job full-time or occasionally, as well as locally or nationally. Do you want to see Finland while not losing but earning money? This might be the opportunity for you.

It’s possible for you to plan your route and schedule with the Team Leader OR we can plan it for you. You can also combine business and leisure for example by combining your work tour trip with a trip to a summer cottage.

Check out for example touropia’s 10 Best Places to Visit in Finland or VisitFinland’s 10 Best Things to Do in Finland and plan your trip!

8. Motivating competitions

We arrange regular competitions for our teams that are designed to motivate better results and are of course a good opportunity to earn extra money and fun prizes. Competitions against your teammates or against yourself challenge even the most experienced sales pro to reach even higher.

9. Have your say in how we operate

In LiveRing, we believe our salespeople know best. This is why we have a meeting with everybody once a month to listen to new ideas from the salespeople to solve any of their concerns with their work or the company. We pick a couple ideas from every meeting and make them happen.

You get to tell us for example, what kind of competition would be most motivating for you and what the prize should be!

10. Grow as an entrepreneur

Our unique freelancing model gives you a kick-start to entrepreneurship. You will learn valuable skills to make it as an entrepreneur – if that’s your thing of course!

“Light entrepreneurship is definitely a nice and easy way to get to know entrepreneurship. It gives you a good low-threshold experience of it.”

Jussi, Helen team

You’ll also have the opportunity to progress in your career. We offer unique opportunities to advance into a more responsible role as a freelancer. Why not apply today?