Jobs for English-speakers in Finland

Work a 100% in English

LiveRing offers jobs for English-speakers in Finland. We’re hiring for positions in fundraising year round and you can work 100% in English. 
Our English-speaking team does F2F fundraising for Save the Children raising money for children in Finland and around the world. The work is done face-to-face in busy public places and the goal is to stop passers by and try to convince them to donate to a good cause.

Sales Manager Sugandi Ginting found a challenging English-speaking job with LiveRing

“ I am originally from Indonesia and kids are so close to my heart. I always think that early education especially girls education plays a huge role in the development of the country. It has a big impact to build a stronger families, communities and countries. It also makes the job meaningful that I can help forward the matters that are close to me by my daily work.”

Gandi, sales manager, Save the Children

We work indoors and outdoors depending on the season and the weather conditions. We meet people where they already are: In the summer we bring out our summer bikes and meet people on the street, whereas in the winter we prefer warm indoor locations such as malls and supermarkets.

Flexible work: Choose your own shifts

Working with us is well suited for many different life situations. You could be f.ex. an international student in Finland looking for a part-time job, a couple of shifts per week OR you could be an ambitious sales professional looking to work full time and advance in your career. 

You can choose 3-6 shifts per week, any day and any time you would like! Our team works Monday to Sunday in morning, day and evening shifts. The minimum shift length is 6 hours.

LiveRing coaching: Become a sales professional

Team Leader Syed Yasir enjoys personal development in sales

“Sales is a skill which can be acquired. It does not only take your financial stress away, as a matter of fact it develops your personality, helps you understand and tackle daily challenges and sharpens your logical thinking too.”

Syed, fundraising

Everybody who joins our team is given the tools and the training to succeed. We offer intensive sales and product training when you start and continue to coach you as you grow. 

Our Team Leaders are tried and true professionals in F2F sales – their accomplishments speak for themselves.  and they will be with you every step of the way in your journey with LiveRing. 

We want to help you succeed and make sales – it’s a win-win!

Multi-cultural team

“ It is such a richness to work with people from different cultures but all of them with the same goals to help the Earth and nature.”

Gandi, Sales Manager, fundraising

With LiveRing, you would be working in a team where everyone works in English. Our salespeople come from all over the world and join their forces to raise money for children in need.

On the stands, we work in duos and trios – almost never alone. This guarantees that you always have someone to support you, hype you up and compete with you over the best result. Your supervisor will also work side-by-side with you, teaching you the best sales techniques and coaching you to succeed in sales.

Since many of our salespeople are new to Finland, the peer support might not end at work either. You could even make international and local friends!

Travel and Work in Finland

We also offer the possibility to travel and work in Finland – we cover the cost of travel and accommodations!

You can make suggestions on places you would like to visit and help us plan a fun and rewarding trip for you and your sales partner. It’s fun to leave your hometown to conquer new areas in Finland and to spread the Save the Children message to new places and people. New areas always hold heaps of untapped potential and opportunities.

Become your own boss

Our unique freelancing model gives you a kick-start to entrepreneurship. You will learn valuable skills to make it as an entrepreneur – if that’s your thing of course!

“Light entrepreneurship is definitely a nice and easy way to get to know entrepreneurship. It gives you a good low-threshold experience of it.”

Jussi, Helen team

You’ll also have the opportunity to progress in your career. We offer unique opportunities to advance into a more responsible role as a freelancer.

Jobs for English-speakers

At the moment we are looking for Salespeople for the Save the Children team. We are also recruiting for english-speaking summer jobs for Summer 2021.

Don’t know what would be a good position for you?