What Does a Sales Coach Do?

Sales Coach is a new role in LiveRing that is designed to keep the team’s spirits up in cities where the Team Leader can’t get to often. But what exactly does a Sales Coach do?

What does a normal work day look like?

The Sales Coach is their team’s coach, cheerleader and sales booster.

In addition to selling in the field with their team their tasks include assisting the team lead in training new salespeople, sparring current team members to reach higher results and answering teammember’s questions about different sales situations. The coach might f.ex. make motivational calls to the team members before or during their shifts and help them understand and set personal goals and reach them.

The Sales Coach acts as the Team Leader’s right hand in their own area. Team Leaders Gandi and Teemu lead their teams from Helsinki and are responsible for the team as a whole: they train new salespeople, handle administrative tasks and communications with the client organization. 

“Weekly sparring and coaching is important. [The Sales Coach’s role is to] support and create energy in areas where I can’t get to that often.”

Teemu Bakker, Team Leader, Helen-team

It is very important that the Sales Coach is an independent salesperson that can set an example for the rest of the team. In most cities, the coach will start alone and the team will be built around them. The coach’s own sales result is very important especially in the first months.

The Sales Coach’s compensation model rewards them for their own and their team’s results. They will also receive a bonus for any new salespeople they help bring into the team. 

Personal development

Working as a Sales Coach is a great opportunity to develop your sales skills and learn about leading and motivating a team to reach better results.

Previous experience in coaching or leadership roles is not required. We provide training in the 1 month try-out period during which the new coach will learn about sales, the product and team leadership from our best pros Gandi & Teemu. The coach and their team will also have the Team Leader’s support after the training period. If a problem can not be solved by the tools in your toolbox, we’ve got you covered!

LiveRing crew

What’s unique about LiveRing is that all the salespeople are independent entrepreneurs and do sales with an assignment contract for LiveRing. The salespeople are very independent and always have a say in how they want to work. They influence how the team operates directly by bringing their ideas to monthly meetings. We make the ideas happen.

The coach won’t have to handle administrative tasks such as making schedules or reports. Their role is to coach and motivate their team. However, sometimes it’s necessary to bring the team together to discuss f.ex. road trip routes or finding new sales locations in the area.

Despite everyone being entrepreneurs, there is a solid team spirit. Although you might not meet your colleagues from other cities face to face that often, you will hear their thoughts and ideas in every monthly meeting and team members often call each other for sales tips. Sometimes teammates from different areas come together for a road trip too! Results and achievements are celebrated together in a group chat as well as with prizes and bonuses.

I want to be a Sales Coach!

If the Sales Coach role sounds exciting to you, please send us an open application – let’s discuss opportunities in your area!