Summer job for English-speaking students – five reasons to join our team

Are you an international student and looking for a summer job in Finland? Perfect! Check out these five reasons why you should join our fundraising team! 

1. Flexible working hours

With us you can plan your own schedules and choose when you want to work. Tired of waking up at 7 for class? With us you don’t have to worry about that since you can start your work whenever you want. All of our salespeople work as light entrepreneurs which makes working very flexible – be your own CEO for the summer.

2. Higher income than in a traditional job

We use a commission based salary model which makes the average salary in our team very high. We don’t limit our salespeople and only the sky’s the limit with how much you are able to earn. 

3. Work 100% in English

Our fundraising team is international and completely English-speaking. We don’t require our salespeople to speak Finnish. 

4. Fun and supportive team

Our fundraising team is energetic, fun and supportive. Your team leader will be more than happy to coach you with your fundraising. We set goals and break them together! 

5. Gain valuable experience and improve your skills

As a fundraiser you will improve your sales- and people skills. When you really think about it, you can find sales tasks everywhere: at work, when you are convincing your colleagues to choose your idea, when you are applying for a new job and when you have to convince your friend group to pick your favorite dinner place.

Does this sound like your dream summer job? 

Apply now to our Save the Children -fundraising team: