Summer job for English-speaking students – five reasons to join our team

Are you an international student and looking for a summer job in Finland? Perfect! Check out these five reasons why you should join our fundraising team!  1. Flexible working hours With us you can plan your own schedules and choose when you want to work. Tired of waking up at 7 for class? With us […]

What Does a Sales Coach Do?

People working

Sales Coach is a new role in LiveRing that is designed to keep the team’s spirits up in cities where the Team Leader can’t get to often. But what exactly does a Sales Coach do? What does a normal work day look like? The Sales Coach is their team’s coach, cheerleader and sales booster. In […]

Why work in F2F sales?

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Why work in F2F sales? Is f2f fundraising worth it? Who is a good salesperson? Where can a sales job take you? Click here, read our answers and join our LiveRing team!

Travel and work in Finland

Road trip

With LiveRing you can travel and work in Finland. Amazing opportunity to see Finland and earn money, not spend it. Apply today and join our team!

10 Reasons to Switch to LiveRing

Is F2F fundraising the right job for you but something’s just not sitting right with you with your current employer? Maybe you’re interested in moving into the field of F2F fundraising? A good salesperson will always have work – even choices to choose from. There are also as many preferences as there are salespeople. What […]

Light entrepreneurship in Finland


What is light entrepreneurship? Light entrepreneurship is a new way to enjoy the freedom and independence of entrepreneurship without all the responsibilities that come with your own business. Here at LiveRing, you can get valuable experience about entrepreneurship and have all the support that we as a company and a team can provide for you.  […]